Ragga Jam Dancehall

Ragga Jam is an expression of the Afro Jamaican Culture: DANCEHALL.

Conceptualized in Paris in 1996, Ragga Jam was born from a profound desire to democratize and to bring this very rich culture, through dance, to the grand public.

It’s a pedagogic concept and choreographic vision of the Jamaican culture.
My objective was to teach and choreograph these rhythms and this dance that was not known before, coming from “Streets of Jamaica”.

It’s the spirit of reggae and Jamaican dances on the rhythm of Dancehall.

The love and respect of this culture are translated and shared through fun choreographies, rich and sensible to musical variations, in a pedagogical concept where everyone is incorporatedRagga Jam is the dance class of my dreams, constructed through my musical sensibility, my perception of Jamaica and my desire to unite people through a culture and art.

Ragga Jam was created in a particular context.
In the 90’s in Europe, this music was born (1993 for one of the first tracks received from Jamaica on all airwaves, in particular Radio Nova).Very few knew, except in the reggae world underground. France was receiving the influences and the artistic expressions from the French West Indies, Africa, Maghreb and the USAHip hop had been established 10 years or so ago, and the events that were organized regrouped all of these different influencesRagga jam was therefore born from a context of diversity and interest of different cultures among the present communities.

Being omnipresent in my perception and evolution of dance was the hip hop music, the Caribbean rhythms and the power and sense of African dance.At that time, due to the difficult access to information (no internet, no YouTube) my first research was based on the people I met, my conversations, my sensations and my relationship with music as well as 2 or 3 video clips that could be perceived on television.

Music, in the same way I think all dancers, were thus my guide, because it proved to be everything I need to know.

The diversity, with its richness, being a concept and I would even say a philosophy of life, in which I believe profoundly; I let myself go with the exchange, the sound, the feel and with time through other sources of information « Made in Jamaica » (journeys, videos, films, books, documentaries).

In my opinion, once again, a culture is widespread when it is taught and presented in a fun way.

« RAGGA for REGGAE and JAM for JAMAICA…. »

« The future of our dance: Teachings and Choreographies… »

Laure C.